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Sumirat Kaur

Sales Assistant to Hemant Narayanan

Teeming with knowledge of local area, Sumirat can accurately read and address the current market situations within the area with precise and valuable property information.
She becomes a source of helpful feedback and always prompt, competent service, accomodating for every request of their client and constantly communicating with them. Her motivation, proficiency and enthusiasm is shown in her dealings, throughout the procedure she keeps her clients notified and encouraged.
Sales and marketing is her entire professional life. With an abundance of advertising skills, passion about people, she brings a vibrant energetic approach to her clients.
Her prime priority is facilitating her clients and making them comfortable and restful during what can be a toilsome process with her congenial, devoted and responsible manner to make it entirely stress free. Maintaining open, honest communication, sincerity and high level of care is the fundament of her all her functions.
"I love the gratification i feel from doing my job well. I love my job for many reasons but best of all i love connecting with people and  going out of my way to do more for them".

She believes that attention to detail is the absolute key. Do that right and your client will trust you entirely so both you and they will have a more relaxed and enjoyable event. Her capacity to accommodate and develop to meet the demands of both the ever changing market and the needs of the clients can confirm that results are produced in all the conditions. Essence to that is her ability to listen, by taking time to listen to clients, understand their circumstances, their needs and their inclinations, it is possible to deliver solutions that fit the precise lifestyle demands of each individual she works with.

She never misconstrues the confidence you place in her with your purchase or sale. She realizes the importance and extensiveness of a transaction and thats why she loves to make the whole process as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Feel free to call Sumirat Kaur for all your real estate goals.